Ladies– If you are lady competing in the fall brawl we commend you and want to offer one of you a very special 1911 or AR-15. Ladies are an ever growing dynamic in the shooting, fishing, and outdoor market and we want to make sure we thank you! Please check out the models on

Vets– First off thank you from all of us at Devil Dog Arms. Your sacrifice does not go unnoticed and we stand behind our troops 100%. The winner will have their choice of a 1911 or AR-15. Upon choosing your name we will request a copy of your Military ID or DD-214. If you cannot procure this we will move onto the next chosen winner. Please be safe and good luck! If you do not win and still want a DDA we do have a veteran program.

Rules – You must be eligible to possess a firearm to win. The official winner has their choice of a 1911 or AR-15. Upon drawing we will check your information against the tournament sign up to ensure you did compete. If you are found to not have competed we will move on to the next eligible participant. Please be safe and good luck!